A global platform that Inspires & enables every teen in the world

to take part in a real startup during mid & high school

We believe that the world's biggest problem is that there aren't enough young people trying to solve, the world's biggest problems.

That's why we started UpNext, which runs online start-up training programs for GenZ students.

UpNext is passionate about inspiring youths to #BeBold, especially at an age when they have little to lose and so much to gain. The goal is to develop their skills and help them achieve their fullest potential through entrepreneurship.

Is the first online platform that offers the full experience to all teens, regardless of their starting point. 
We inspire, up-skill, connect, mentor & fund. So we add value to any teen at any point of time.

Our goal is to inspire teenagers worldwide to find innovative solutions to local and global challenges.
We facilitate the formation of like-mixed, multinational teams of teens from around the world and enable them to collaborate in solving real world problems. This is through the creation of real start-ups, in which a product/ solution to a selected problem is realized. 

Every teen can get value from it, some will change the world through it 



Unqork & UpNext Collaboration

Being a leader in the no-code for enterprises, Unqork is a tool that the teams could use in the upcoming twin cities program.

The twin cities program  is an UpNext initiative in collaboration with local municipalities worldwide.
All the content,mentoring and support during the program is provided by UpNext free of charge.
This is our contribution to the international effort of dealing with COVID-19.


During this program mixed teams from 7 different countries will plan and build digital solutions to the COVID-19 challenges  to be used by cities worldwide.

Teams will make use of our partners technologies, our global mentors and after presenting a working MVP (with minimal traction) they will pitch the solutions to the leaders of the cities. This is in order to get funded and turn their solutions into robust, scaleable, full blown solutions that the cities will not hesitate to adopt.  

Once developed and officially adopted by the city any service/resource provided by Unqork will be offered to the city (now customer) based on Unqork's pricing and terms.

What we would love to get from Unqork in order to optimize the collaborate is:


Free access to the staging environment for 30-40 teams incl the option to release the product for beta users groups. 


Some online training videos & tutorials to help the teams accelerate their proficiency with the platform.


One technical POC to support the challenges teams haven't been able to overcome with available resources (tutorials, forums, etc)


Participating cities in this program are:

Emek Hefer









Ay Yong

Taichung City


Kiriyat Bialik


Petach Tikva